Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I've just finished this illustration to accompany a poem called Snip! for Highlights High Five Magazine in the States. So go on, see if you can spot all ten letter S's. And how many pairs of scissors? Lots of points on offer, and of course normally points mean prizes, but today I'm feeling mean.


  1. Love the snippets of smoke in the sky Mike...And your colours. Suspect the pigeon's a red herring.
    A prize for me would be that we are both in the same issue of High Five - I think my next Felix, Max and Harriet story is due in the July issue so I fear not , as my deadline was Feb. Amazing how we get around, us illustrators!

    1. No, Bridget, the pigeon is a pigeon not a herring. Red herrings live in the Red Sea. I'm in the September issue of Highlights. I'll look out for Felix, Max and Harriet!