Thursday, 15 April 2010


I've spent three days agonizing over the opening sequence of a book I'm writing. Finally cracked it last night when I went for a walk. I think. It's a constant source of bewilderment that you can stare at a piece of paper or a computer screen for hours without making any progress at all. Then you walk away, think of something else, and it's as if you've sneaked up on the problem from behind and taken it by surprise. Suddenly you can see where all the answers have been hiding themselves.

I also witnessed the little drama shown above when two dogs went for a blackbird. I've been experimenting drawing images without using a line to hold it all together. I'm quite pleased with this approach and will try to do some more in the same style.


  1. Hi Mike, I've just found your new blog! I like this illustration, you should definitely do some more in this style. All the best with the blog. Steve

  2. Hi Mike, I was going to comment on this post but I was going to say just the same as Steve. No collusion, I promise just great minds etc... ATB Sarah

  3. Such lovely freedom in this illustration. You certainly should explore this style some more.