Saturday, 9 March 2013

The funEverse!

Please, please with knobs on, check out the funEverse website if you can... ( / funny blogs / funny poems). It's a site brimming over with chucklesome wonderfulness, a temple of rhyming jollification where schools, poets and illustrators come together to have a  hearty poetical laugh. This month I'm chuffed out of my socks to say that they're using a selection of my illustrations as their starting point. So far we've had brilliant poems from Alex Cragg, Kathryn Evans, Lesley Moss, Laura Louis Stewart and Maureen Lynas. And my heart is all-a-flutter to tell you that there's still more to come! Go on... have a giggle. Pirates, monkeys and bad haircuts all figure so far!


  1. Nice one Mike, it's easy to be inspired when the scribbles are so good!

  2. We LOVED working with your illustrations - so much colour and life and humour - thank you Mike!